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Acoustical Room Kits For Home Theaters - Studios - Commercial Applications

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Are you looking to improve your home theater system by using acoustical treatments? We have the perfect solution for making your home theater sound better. Each kit consists of 12 multi-functioning acoustical panels that can be applied directly to your home theater walls. You can use up to four kits to treat your room properly. One kit used on the screen wall, one kit for the back wall and another kit for each of the side walls.

You can start with one or two kits for a dramatic acoustic improvement of your home theater. Adding additional kits will enhance the overall acoustics in your home theater. Having 4 kits for a normal size room will give you awesome cinema sound at an affordable price.

If you are on a budget you can use a kit per wall and treat two walls with one kit. These kits install in minutes with our adhesives which are supplied with each kit.

Ready for a better sound???

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