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Sound Level Meter - Phonic PAA3  

Phonic PAA3


Handheld Audio Analyzer with USB

Retail Price: $499.99 + Shipping and Handling

Phonic PAA3 Specifications


  • Microphone: Built-in miniature omni direction condenser microphone
  • Line: XLR jacks for line input and output
  • Data Port:USB 1.1 interface


  • 160X160 LCD screen with contrast adjustment and back light
  • SPL, dBu, dBV, Voltage: Bar graph and digit display
  • RTA: 31-band, 0.5dB resolution Center frequencies ISO standard from 20Hz to 20KHz

    Measurement Range

  • SPL (Microphone input): 30 to 130 dB SPL
  • dBu (Line input): -50 to +40 dBu
  • dBV (Line Input): -52 to +38 dBV
  • Voltage (Line Input): 5 mV to 80 V


  • Weighting: A, C or Flat
  • Peak hold: ON/OFF
  • Maximum Level Display: RESET
  • Response Time: 35 ms, 125 ms, 250 ms, 1 sec

    Other Functions

  • RT60: Reverberation time display, up to 30 seconds
  • Memory: 10 RTA+ 6 average calculation
  • Average Calculation: For 10 RTA memories
  • EQ Setting Value Display: 31-band
  • Phase Checker: Through polarity signal
  • Transmission: Simultaneous operation with PC or laptop through USB port

    Noise Generator (Based on 6VDC power source)

  • Pink noise: Balanced output, -10 dBu
  • 1K Hz Signal: Balanced output, -10 dBu
  • Polarity Signal: Balanced output, -10 dBu

    Power Source

  • 4 x AA batteries
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 hours with alkaline batteries)
  • External 6 VDC adapter

    Dimensions (HxWxD)

  • 5.7 x 3.26 x 1.55 inches (5.7144.95 x 82.95 x 39.42 mm)

    Weight (with batteries)

  • 0.78 lbs. (354 g)

Phonic PAA3 Features:

  • Palm-sized, lightweight audio analyzer for all sound engineers
  • 31-band spectrum analyzer, RT60, SPL meter, and more
  • Easy operation with built-in microphone and generator
  • EQ setting calculation offers advice for boosting and cutting at the touch of a button
  • USB interface allows real-time computer operation
  • Seven hours of continuous operation with four AA batteries
  • 31-band Real Time Spectrum Analyzer allows Db analysis of offending frequencies
  • 31-band EQ setting value display (Boost/Cut)
  • RT60 measurement
  • Built-in calibrated measurement microphone
  • Phase checker
  • Noise generator with pink noise, 1kHz and polarity test signal, balanced output
  • Memory and average calculation function
  • SPL meter calibration through sound level calibrator
  • Sound Pressure Level Meter from 30 dB~130 dB
  • Line signal measurement display in dBu, dBV, or Volts (AC)
  • SPL meter and level meter have three level range selections
  • Maximum level, Peak hold displays
  • XLR input and output sockets
  • USB interface for desktop software control
  • Audio test signal CD and supporting software
  • Three power modes: (1) Power Save (2) On (3) Off
  • Operates seven hours with four AA batteries
  • AC power adapter included

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