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Soundproof Door Kits
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Surface Mounted Automatic Door Seals

. Reduces Sound Through Door Seals
. Economica
. Easy to Install
. Durable


Note: Kit pieces are sold separately and custom sizes are available upon request.

Kit 1 - Standard Kit 2 - Heavy Duty

Automatic Door Bottom 320C

Adjustable Jamb Seal 33C
(3 piece set 2 - 7' long & 1 - 3' long)

Automatic Door Bottom 330C

Adjustable Jamb Seal 599C
(3 piece set 2 - 7' long & 1 - 3' long)

Door Frame Sound Gaskets

Please Note: Door Bottoms are not designed to seal directly on carpet. For best result door bottoms should seal on a solid surface. The solid surface should be positioned above the level of the floor covering on either side of the door.

Acoustical Performance STC in Accordance with ASTM E90-75
Model 320C (no Threshold)
Door caulked shut STC 32
With door bottom STC 28
Model 330C (no Threshold)
Door caulked shut STC 44
With door bottom STC 37
Model 330C (with Threshold)
Door caulked shut STC 51
With door bottom STC 43
and threshold                   
NOTE: Standard 1 3/4" solid Core Door,
5lbs/sq ft. STC-22 No Seals. With Door Seals
STC-33 Solid Core Door, 7lbs/sq ft. STC-46

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