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Mass loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier

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Mass loaded vinyl barrier is used to block sound through walls and ceilings for recording studios. This product is best used for new construction. For existing construction please use Mass loaded vinyl barrier decoupler.

There are two options depending on desired performance. 1Ib per sq.ft or 2Ib per sq.ft. The 2Ib product gives improved performance and will do a better job of stopping low frequency transmission your low frequency producing instruments. Can be used with Green Glue or RSIC-1 Clips for enhanced performance.

Installation Tip:  Always use 2 layers of drywall whenever possible.  One layer of ½” and one layer of 5/8” and leave a 1/8” gap around the perimeter of the wall of the drywall and fill with our acoustical sealant.  This will decouple the constructed wall from the other room structures.

The best way to install mass loaded vinyl is by rolling out the product and stapling or screwing directly to studs from wall end to wall end. Product will stand 54" tall so when starting next row above 54" let barrier overlap 2". After curtaining off entire wall or ceiling take a utility knife and cut thru both layers of barrier at studs so drywall lays flush and barrier will remain overlapped between studs or joists.

MATERIAL: Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier
PATTERN: Smooth Finish
FEATURES: High density limp material to reduce noise transmission.
APPLICATIONS: Recording Studios, Sound Rooms, Commercial Sound Venues and Home Theaters
THICKNESS: 1/8” - 1lb./sq. ft. 1/4” - 2lb./sq.ft
SIZES: 54” Wide x 20’, 30’, 60’ Rolls
COLOR: Black, Gray (Reinforced) and Clear (Transparent or Translucent)
INSTALLATION: Material can be nailed, screwed, stapled or can be reinforced and grometted and hung like a curtain.

Barriers Noise Transmission Loss (dB) Per Octave Band (HZ) STC
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
2 lb. PSF 16 22 26 32 35 40 31
1 lb. PSF 13 17 22 26 32 37 26

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