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What you will need:

ACOUSTICAL BACKING MATERIAL: Echo Eliminator, dBA Panels or Duct Liner
FABRIC: See Fabric Color Selection Or Custom Colors
ADHESIVES: Spray Adhesive and Panel Adhesive

EASY INSTALLATION: Download installation instructions

Low Frequency Sound Absorber / Insulator

The most user friendly, do if yourself, high tension fabric acoustical wall system in the industry.

Wallmate is an easy do it yourself acoustical treatment wall covering system. Simply install the track on the recording studio walls and ceiling surfaces, then add absorption, sound blocking or diffusion panels and cover with fabric. This track system is hinged and the fabric choice will attach and stretch to the track and can be opened over and over again to modify amounts of acoustical treatment.

Product Features:

∙ Covers any size wall
∙ No wall preparation
∙ No lath
∙ No staples
∙ No welting/gimp
∙ Excellent acoustical control finish
∙ Flexible choice of fabrics
∙ Choice of installer / do if yourself
∙ Fabrics are removable and replaceable
∙ System is reusable

You no longer need to hire an exclusive local contractor to install their specified proprietary stretch fabric wall system. Wallmate® can be approved as an equal to all specified systems and has many advantages over the competition. Its unique, user friendly, hinged track system allows almost anyone to install a professional looking, high tension, stretchable fabric acoustical wall system with nearly unlimited panel sizes.

Creating sound environments and beautiful walls

In this digitized, amplified, surround sound world. Traditional building methods fail to provide for acoustical control of sound.

The twin problems of reflection and reverberation may require that surfaces be acoustically treated and covered with fabric as a decorative finish.

Acoustically treating walls has become as much a necessity for helping one listen to sound as quality speakers and systems are to transmitting sound.

Acoustical Surfaces Inc, presents WALLMATE®, high tension fabric mounting system that revolutionizes the way fabric can be applied to walls as both a decorative and acoustical wall finish.

Wallmate® departs from the traditional method of wall upholstery which still uses wood lath, staples, gimp and welting . . . a method which has become expensive and specialized. Wallmate® removes the barriers of expense and expertise and exchanges them from simplicity at an affordable cost.

Wallmate Profiles: All models available in 102" lengths

1 1/16 Inch Bevel 1 1/16 Inch Radius 1 1/16 Inch Square
9/16 Inch Bevel 9/16 Inch Radius 9/16 Inch Square


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